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The Windermere Chamber of Commerce has been a partner of the Dpk Foundation since 2013. Volunteers from Windermere Chamber of Commerce and community businesses has done an extraordinary job with Back to School Drive, Thanks Giving Drive, and Toy Drive for the holidays.


The Windermere Chamber of Commerce and its leaders, volunteers and staff was able to provide help in our community,  there are more homeless children in the U.S. than at any other time since the Great Depression. Unfortunately, the stresses of homelessness often lead to anxiety, depression, poor sleep habits, and behavioral issues. Millions of American children go to sleep without a home each year. To help these homeless children, DPK Foundation provides, Night Packages to each homeless child. The packages includes a tooth brush, tooth paste, blanket, juice & food. We bring sweeter dreams to homeless children.


Sponsoring a family right here in our state is a much needed from any group or organization. We work hard to provide the bare essentials to help our families that are in desperate need of living and basic needs. Where the county does not provide enough housing for the growing homeless families


As a result of this collaborative and innovative effort,

Saving Children, Helping Families.....


Our goal is to help one family each month get back into a home and off the streets.


Feeding Children on the weekends and holidays.


Giving a lending hand to our friends & neighbors!


The future of the next generation of families and children depends on all of us helping. If we do not change the path we are going there will not be a future for our Children and Grand Children.



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